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Golden Earring Museum: an unofficial fansite about the Dutch Rockband 'GOLDEN EARRING'
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Articles & Photographs: At this website we show promotional material of Polydor, CNR, Universal en Sony Music. We also use picturematerial and articles published by several magazins and newspapers, like Aloha, Hitkrant, Pep, Popfoto, Teenbeat, Muziek Parade, OOR, Penthouse, Playboy, Muziek Express en diverse kranten en tijdschriften. Photographers of exhibitioned material are e.a. Paul Bergen, Theo Böhmers, Roeland de Bruyn, Anton Corbijn, Han Cozijn, Evert-Jan Daniels, Yvonne van Doorn, Martin Droog, Frank Jansen, Mariëtte Houwer, Rens Plaschek, Nico Schouten, Kees Tabak, Frans van Zijst, The single and albumcovers are scanned and retouched by GEM Research. They are mainly taken from our own collection.
Audio: Audiofragments are not ment to re-distribute on the internet neither in any other form. Copyright exists on all materials. More information about copyrights of audio-materials (MP3, WMA) can be found at Buma Stemra and Ius Mentis (NL)
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