The MEDIAROOM is a collection of several media such as records, CD's, VHS, DVD and BOOKS. Read a description of the several parts:

ALBUMS Overview of the complete range of regular albums, released between 1965 and today. There is also a link to most compilation-albums.

VINYL 7" & 12" singles At the end of the 70-ties untill the end of the 90-ties Golden Earring released a couple of 12 Inch Maxi Singles. Some are promotional (Not for sale). Also the other regular 7" singles are showed here.
CD - (MAXI) SINGLES In the 80-ties the CD made it's entrance and so the CD-Maxi-single with most of the time some bonustracks.
VHS & DVD Many events and concerts were taped on Video. Through the years a wide range of these productions (clips, concerts, interviews) made it to VHS and later to DVD. Most of them are in this section.
JAMS & SESSIONS: Golden Earring members contributed on several media of several artists. Many recordings are unknown. Here are some explicit exemples.
BOOKSTORE: What was written about Golden Earring or what did they write themselves? We made an overview for you. Contrary to the articles in library, you will have to buy the books yourself ... This is just an impression.
BOOTLEGS: Recordings from live-performances or TV- or RADIO casts compiled to CD(r) or VCD. This section is censored.
BACKSTAGE: Members of the "Golden Earring Museum Research Group" (GEM Research) are always searching for historic articles, radio- and TV recordings and rare stuff about Golden Earring. Each month a special recovered item will be presented here.
COLLECTORS: Visit the websites of Casper Roos and Edwin Knip. They are Golden Earring Collectors at heart. Also check the BOOKS-section for the Record Research Report by Casper Roos.