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Sony Music 501133-2 - 3CD (2000)
CD 1 (The Naked Truth)
Introduction (G.Kooymans/ B.Hay/ M.Gerritsen/ C.Zuiderwijk)
Jangalene (G.Kooymans)
Another 45 miles (G.Kooymans)
Why do I (G.Kooymans/ B.Hay)
I can't sleep without you (G.Kooymans/ B.Hay)
Weekend love (G.Kooymans/ B.Hay/ M.Gerritsen/ C.Zuiderwijk)
Vanilla Queen (G.Kooymans/ B.Hay)
Twilight zone (G.Kooymans)
One shot away from paradise (M.Gerritsen)
Long blond animal (G.Kooymans/ B.Hay)
Pouring my heart out again (G.Kooymans/ B.Hay)
Radar love (G.Kooymans/ B.Hay)
Eight miles high (C.Crosby/ R.McGuinn/ G.Clark)
The naked truth (G.Kooymans/ B.Hay/ E.H.Roelfzema)
CD 2 (Extra tracks from 'The Naked Truth')
Back Home (G.Kooymans/ B.Hay)
Just a little bit of peace in my heart (G.Kooymans)
Going to the run (G.Kooymans/ B.Hay)
Jangalene (alternate) (G.Kooymans)
Don't stop the show (G.Kooymans)
When the lady smiles (G.Kooymans/ B.Hay)
Radar love (edit) (G.Kooymans/ B.Hay)
CD 2 (Tracks from THE VAULTS)
In a bad mood (G.Kooymans/ B.Hay)
As long as the wind blows (G.Kooymans)
Please go (G.Kooymans/ M.Gerritsen)
Sound of the screaming day (G.Kooymans)
Murdock 9 6182 (G.Kooymans)
Yellow and blue (G.Kooymans)
The devil made me do it (G.Kooymans/ B.Hay)
Madame Zou Zou (G.Kooymans/ B.Hay)
Sony Music - The Complete Naked Truth
Contains the same tracks as 'Fully Naked' CD 1 & 2.
Singles from this album:
• Just a little bit of peace in my heart