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Live from the Twilight Zone | RED BULLET DVD 9 - DVD (2005)
Intro - Twilight Zone (G. Kooymans)
I'll make it all up to you (G. Kooymans/ B.Hay)
Enough is enough (G. Kooymans/ B.Hay)
Mission Impossible (G. Kooymans)
When the lady smiles (G. Kooymans/ B.Hay)
Future (G. Kooymans)
Long blond animal (G. Kooymans/ B.Hay)
N.E.W.S. (G. Kooymans/ B.Hay)
The devil made me do it (G. Kooymans/ B.Hay)
Radar Love (G. Kooymans/ B.Hay)
Twilight Zone (G. Kooymans)
Outro - Twilight Zone (G. Kooymans)
Additional information:
Release on August 8, 2005 - Dolby Digital 5.1/ Stereo/ DTS
Hot on the heels of Twilight Zone, in 1983 number 10 in Billboard, and 27 weeks in the single charts, with Cut, the corresponding album, going gold after 30 weeks on the album charts, 1984 was another banner year for Golden Earring.
It started in February 1984, in Holland where 'When the lady smiles' went to number 1 thanks also to the famous Dick Maas eo, 'uncensored', on this DVD, as well as the 3 other superb Golden Earring - Dick Maas video's: Twilight Zone, Clear Night Moonlight and Turn the world around. Twenty years later, still undisputed as the best 4 video's to come ever out of Holland. By March 7, 1984, Golden Earring started their 11th (!) -and final, as we now know,- USA-tour, N.E.W.S., the album, was number 1 in Holland. The group did 27 shows together with 38 Special and 11 on their own, across the USA and Canada, from Toronto to Hawai. 'When the lady smiles' reached the number 76 spot on Billboard's single chart and went as high as number 3 in Canada, which country always has been extremely good to Golden Earring. Back in Holland, on June 23rd 1984, the Back Home tour (through Holland, Belgium and Germany), started with the legendary concert for a sell-out crowd in the Groenoordhallen in Leiden. Dick Maas and his crew were present to film the concert that became known as 'Live from the Twilight Zone', which was broadcast in the USA by MTV, then still in it's early days.
Golden Earring
George Kooymans
Barry Hay
Rinus Gerritsen
Cesar Zuiderwijk
assistent camera
Dorith Vinken
Tom van Helden
Ewald Rettich
Ted Dukkers
Edwin Versteegen
Herman Boogaerdt
Stef Tijdink
Wouter Zuiderhout
"the Lady"
Sandra van Echten
executive producer
Len Epand
Shu Chen Than
Philip Hering
Henk Pauwels
the bride
Ingrid Terlien
associate executive producer
Chip Cachlin
general assistent
Harry Lehnhausen
Bart Leestemaker
Lex Rodenberg
the groom
Brad Philips
Dick Maas
Appie Vermeeren
the bum
Frans Lodewijks
Robert Swaab
Laurens Geels
grip sky'cam
Ron Zierikzee
special thanks to;
Fred Haayen
Willem van Kooten
21 Records
Red Bullet Int.
assistant director
Dorna van Rouveroy
grip tulip crane
Hugo van Baren

filmed at
June 23, 1984

production manager
Wim Lehnhausen
Hans Burghard
Bert Perk
dvd production
Bombay Productions BV
Spieky Spiekerman
Jeroen van Kooten
production manager
addional shooting

Dave Schram
still photography
Tom Piek
Carly Hermes
Tim Hoogeveen
Cor Grobecker
assistent production manager
Erna Corsten

Brigitte Terzan
Maria Peters

re-mix stereo
5.1 mix
Bullet Sound Studio's
Han Nuijten
director of photography
Marc Felperlaan
art direction
Sander Vles
very special thanks to:
Rob Gerritsen (manager)
Dick Maas (video-clips)
Frank de Wit (cover design)
Edu van Hasselt
(Red Bullet)
Myrna van Gilst
Jan Martius
sound supervisor
George Bossaers
Norman O'Halloran
Jan van der Geest
make up
Karin van Dijk
Betty Schrier
Tanneke Hartsuiker
Thea Engelen
Carmelien Hoeben
film editors
Wouter Snip
Eric Disselhof
Hans van Dongen
David Clay
Fred Brinkman
Peter de Bont
Hans den Bezemer
Paul van den Bos
David Claessen
Deen van der Zaken
Rosita Steenbeek
Alice Huisman