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Polydor 292 5041 - Stars & Stips - Nevergreens (1976)
Side a:
It Takes a Lot of Time
To Let all People Know
(Robert Jan Stips)
Judas Shuffle (Robert Jan Stips)
Tango Malafido (Robert Jan Stips)
Music Makes My Song
Cause Worlds Will Fall Apart
(Robert Jan Stips)
Side b:
Carry On (Robert Jan Stips/ Bertus Borgers)
Me and My Monkey (Robert Jan Stips)
Nevergreen (Robert Jan Stips)
Cesar Zuiderwijk - drums; Bertus Borgers - horns & vocals; Rinus Gerritsen - bass; Robert Jan Stips - pianoforte, arp syntesizer, vocals, percussion. 
Produced by Robert Jan Stips, Right Hand Man: Aad Link
Recorded at Artisound Studio's, Amsterdam - Dick de Graaf, Ben Mathon
Mixed at Soundpush Studio's - Blaricum - Jan Schuurman
Coverdesign and Illustrations by Dorien van der Valk
Thanks to those withoutwhomnever, specially Dick Zwikker, Kees Westendorp, Willy van Hal and Eric & Eli van Tijn