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The Nicols

CNR - TAR 61001 - THE NICOLS - 1966 

A: Lord I've Been Thinking (M. Gerritsen/ G. Kooymans)
B: I Can't Forget Her (E. Koetsier)
Producer: Fred Haayen
Studio: GTB - The Hague

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Philips JF 334 548 - 1968 - Livin' Blues

A: Murphy Mc. Coy (M. Gerritsen/ G. Kooymans)
B: My Sister Kate (N. Medina/ J.C. Dowell)

Park BP 1024 - 1969 - Hearts of Soul  

A: Fat Jack (G. Kooymans - Dayglow Music) 
B: Sweetheart (B. & M. Gibb - Dayglow Music)
Producer: Fred Haayen
Earth and Fire

Polydor S 1335 - EARTH & FIRE - 1969

Earth & Fire off. website

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Imperial 5C 006-24 254 - PATRICIA PAAY - 1970    
A: Tell Me You're Never Gonna Leave Me (G. Kooymans)
B: One Huge Road (G. Kooymans)
Producer: Fred Haayen
Accompagnied by GOLDEN EARRING 


Polydor 2050 215 - SMYLE -1972

A: It's Gonna Be Alright (G. Kooymans)
B: She Means A Lot To Me (B. Muys)

Waterland (album)
Polydor 849 106-2 - Tambourine - Waterland - 1991
Track: Shameful (Bart van Poppel/Saskia van Orly/Barry Hay)
Mood Indigo (single)
Dino Music DNCMS 2318 - ANOUK - 1996
1. Mood Indigo (G. Kooymans/ B. Hay)
2. Home is in my head (Jacki Lomax)
3. Mood indigo [acoustic version] (G. Kooymans/ B. Hay)
Produced by: John Sonneveld, George Kooymans, Barry Hay
Guitars: George Kooymans
Recorded at the Lagune Studio's, Rijkevorsel, Belgium

Together Alone (album)
Dino Music DNCD 1571 - ANOUK - 1997
Tracks: Mood Indigo (B.Hay/G.Kooymans) and Fluid Conduction (B.Hay/G.Kooymans)
Produced by: John Sonneveld, George Kooymans, Barry Hay
All guitars on 'Mood Indigo' by George Kooymans; Backing vocals on 'Pictures on your skin' by Barry Hay & George Kooymans; Talk-box on 'Fluid conduction' by George Kooymans; Additional guitars on 'It's a shame' by George Kooymans.
Recorded at the Lagune Studio's, Rijkevorsel, Belgium
Catch 22
Catch 22
Mercury - 534 498-2 - VOICES - 1998   
Tracks: I hear voices (G.Kooymans/ F.Carillo) and Maybe roses never die (G.Kooymans/ F.Carillo)
Produced by John Sonneveld and George Kooymans
Backing vocals and guitar on both compositions by: George Kooymans and Frank Carillo
Recorded and mixed at the Lagune Studio's, Rijkevorsel, Belgium