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Polydor 2419 028
Polydor 2419 028 - LP (1972)
Side a:
She flies on strange wings (G.Kooymans)
I can't get a hold on her (G.Kooymans)
Murdock 9-6182 (G.Kooymans)
This is the time of the year (G.Kooymans)
Landing (M.Gerritsen)
Another 45 Miles (G.Kooymans)
Side b:
Buddy Joe (G.Kooymans)
Holy holy life (G.Kooymans)
Where will I be (M.Gerritsen/G.Kooymans)
Jessica (M.Gerritsen/G.Kooymans)
In my house (M.Gerritsen/G.Kooymans)
Please Go (M.Gerritsen/G.Kooymans)
COVERLINES - by Bob Lampaert
We felt it would be a rather nice idea to let somebody who knows more about Golden Earring than most people in Holland. even those who are closest, say a few words of praise about the group. This person is their Stateside road manager, who became their personal friend Bob Lampaert. "Hullo. wonderful people of Holland. this is Bob Lampaert. and I am more than proud to have had the opportunity of working with your number 1 group during their two tours of the United States. It seems to me that the Dutch don't quite realise what power Golden Earring really generated there, they turned on both Fillmore East and West. and to know what that means you've got to be a New York or San Franciscan rock-addict. Their vocals sometimes became so intense that the combined voices often reached a single personality. ominous. beautiful, always 'rockin' on! Their bass guitar can make sounds ranging from a tuned jet engine to a cello.
The different drums set the mood of melodies and the rhythms laid down by the guitars, flutes, organs. pianos, and so on. About this album: these 13 songs are the perfectly reproduced essence of Golden Earring. Artistically. lyrically. musically. and 'foot stompin' wise. they are truly songs of our times. Songs that have in fact blown minds from L.A. to the Swiss Alps and beyond. Lot the 'Superstarshine' in and really dig these tracks."
Thanks to: Ben's Record Vault