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BR Music BX 502-2 - CD (1995)
Please go (M.Gerritsen/ G.Kooymans)
Chunk of steel (M.Gerritsen/ G.Kooymans/ P. de Ronde)
Lonely everyday (M.Gerritsen/ G.Kooymans)
That day (M.Gerritsen/ G.Kooymans)
The words I need (M.Gerritsen/ G.Kooymans)
If you leave me (M.Gerritsen/ G.Kooymans)
Waiting for you (M.Gerritsen/ G.Kooymans)
Daddy buy me a girl (G.Kooymans)
What cha gonna tell (M.Gerritsen/ G.Kooymans)
Don't run to far (G.Kooymans)
Wings (M.Gerritsen/ G.Kooymans)
In my house (M.Gerritsen/ G.Kooymans)
Smoking Cigarettes (M.Gerritsen/ G.Kooymans)
Dream (M.Gerritsen/ G.Kooymans)
There will be a tomorrow (M.Gerritsen/ G.Kooymans)
Call me (M.Gerritsen/ G.Kooymans)
Sound of the screaming day (G.Kooymans)
She won't come to me (M.Gerritsen/ G.Kooymans)
Together we live, together we love (G.Kooymans)
I wonder - preview Together we live ... (M.Gerritsen/ G.Kooymans)
Produced by Freddy Haayen
Photo's: Nico v.d. Stam, Fotostock, Polydor