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Rotation 547 000-2 - CD (1999)
Please go (M.Gerritsen/ G.Kooymans)
That day (M.Gerritsen/ G.Kooymans)
In my house (M.Gerritsen/ G.Kooymans)
I am a fool (M.Gerritsen)
Another man in town (M.Gerritsen/ G.Kooymans)
When people talk (M.Gerritsen/ G.Kooymans)
No need to worry (M.Gerritsen)
Smoking Cigarettes (M.Gerritsen/ G.Kooymans)
I hate saying these words (M.Gerritsen/ G.Kooymans)
Tears and lies (M.Gerritsen/ G.Kooymans)
Dream (M.Gerritsen/ G.Kooymans)
Crystal Heaven (M.Gerritsen/ G.Kooymans)
Who cares? (M.Gerritsen/ G.Kooymans)
Born a second time (M.Gerritsen/ G.Kooymans)
Magnificent Magistral (M.Gerritsen/ G.Kooymans)
Sound of the screaming day (M.Gerritsen/ G.Kooymans)
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