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ARCADE LP ADE-H 11  (1975)
Side a:
Back home (G.Kooymans)
Please go (G.Kooymans/ M.Gerritsen)
That day (G.Kooymans/ M.Gerritsen)
If you leave me (G.Kooymans/ M.Gerritsen)
Daddy buy me a girl (G.Kooymans/ M.Gerritsen)
Don't run too far (G.Kooymans/ M.Gerritsen)
Sound of the screaming day (G.Kooymans/ M.Gerritsen)

Together we live, together we love

(G.Kooymans/ M.Gerritsen)
I've just lost somebody (G.Kooymans/ M.Gerritsen)
Just a little bit of peace in my heart (G.Kooymans/ M.Gerritsen)
Side b:
Radar love (G.Kooymans/ B.Hay)
Dong-dong-di-ki-di-gi-dong (G.Kooymans/ M.Gerritsen)
Where will I be (G.Kooymans)
Another 45 Miles (G.Kooymans)
Holy holy life (G.Kooymans)
She flies on strange wings (G.Kooymans)
Buddy Joe (G.Kooymans)
Stand by me (G.Kooymans/ M.Gerritsen)
Instant poetry (G.Kooymans/ B.Hay)
Kill me (ce soir)  (G.Kooymans/ M.Gerritsen/ J.Fenton)