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Polydor 2925 009 - LP (1972)
Polydor 841 443-2 - CD (1989)
Red Bullet RB 66.205 - CD (2002)
side a:
All day watcher (G. Kooymans)
Avalanche of love (G. Kooymans)
Cruisin' southern Germany (B. Hay)
Brother wind (G. Kooymans)
side b:
Buddy Joe (G. Kooymans)
Jangalene (G. Kooymans)
From heaven from hell (G. Kooymans)
Thousand feet below you (G. Kooymans)
Produced by Fred Haayen for Red Bullet Productions
Recorded at Island Studios London - First two weeks of March 1972
Engineer: Frank Owen
Photographs: Frits van Swoll
Singles from this album:
- Buddy Joe/ Avalanche of love