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Polydor 2344 046 - LP (1975)
Polydor 847 160-2 - CD (1991)
Red Bullet 66.207 - CD (2002)
Switch MFM
Polydor Music for the Millions 2482 585 - LP (1975)
(Same tracklisting as original album)
side a:
Intro: Plusminus absurdio (G.Kooymans/ B.Hay)
Love is a rodeo (G.Kooymans/ B.Hay)
The switch (G.Kooymans/ B.Hay)
Kill me (Ce soir) (G.Kooymans/ B.Hay/ J.Fenton)
side b:
Tons of time (G.Kooymans/ B.Hay)
Daddy's gonna save my soul (G.Kooymans/ B.Hay)
Troubles and hassles (G.Kooymans/ B.Hay)
The lonesome D.J. (G.Kooymans/ B.Hay)
Produced and arranged by Golden Earring
Executive producer: Fred Haayen
Recorded at Soundpush Studios, Blaricum (NL)
Engineers: Jan Schuurman, John Kriek
String-arrangements on 'Kill me (Ce soir)': Robert-Jan Stips
Cover illustrations by Corstiaan de Vries
Photographs: Graham Hughes, Paul Gerritsma
Album design concept: Barry Hay
Art direction: George Osaki
Special guest musicians:
- Eelco Gelling - slide guitar
- Bertus Borgers - sax
Special thanks to: Andy Miller, Ruud Gerritsen, Maarten Baggerman
Singles from this album:
- Kill me (Ce soir)/ Lucky number [bonustrack] (NL)
- Tons of Time/ Love is a Rodeo (G) - Polydor 2001 595
German Release