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Polydor 2344 008 - LP (1971)
Polydor 810 854-2 - CD (1990)
Red Bullet 66 204 - CD (2002)
side a:
Silver ships (G. Kooymans)
The road swallowed her name (G. Kooymans)
Hope (B. Hay/ R. Gerritsen)
Don't worry (B. Hay)
side b:
She flies on strange wings (G. Kooymans)
This is the other side of life (G. Kooymans)
You're better off free (G. Kooymans)
Produced for Red Bullet Productions by Fred Haayen
Engineers: Albert Kos and Pieter Nieboer
Recorded late winter and spring 1971 at Phonogram, Hilversum
 Front cover photography and design: Jan Bogaerts
Inside photography: Claude van Heye [open inner sleeve]
Special thanks to Bertus Borgers
Singles from this album:
- She flies on strange wings (pt. 1+2)