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Polydor 2-236 823/24 - 2LP (1968)
Polydor 843 150-2 - CD (1990)
Red Bullet 66201 - CD (2002)
side a:
Song of a devil's servant (G. Kooymans)
Angelina (G. Kooymans)
Pam pam poope poope loux (G. Kooymans)
Hurry, hurry, hurry (G. Kooymans)
side b:
My baby Ruby (G. Kooymans)
Judy (M. Gerritsen)
Goodbye mama (G. Kooymans)
Murdock 9-6182 (G. Kooymans)
Just a little bit of peace in my heart (G. Kooymans)
side c:
The sad story of Sam Stone (M. Gerritsen)
High in the sky (G. Kooymans)
Remember my friend (M. Gerritsen)
Time is a book (G. Kooymans)
Backbiting baby (G. Kooymans)
side d:
I'm a running (G. Kooymans)
I sing my song (G. Kooymans)
Mitch Mover (G. Kooymans)
God bless the day (G. Kooymans)
The grand piano (M. Gerritsen)
 Produced by Fred C. Haayen
Sound Engineer: Gerard. Beckers
Recorded at GTB Studio - The Hague
Cover photographs: Ronnie Hertz
Inside photographs: Claude van Heye
Sleeve design by Barry Hay
Additional keyboards: Cees Schrama
Saxophone: Niko Venneker
Orchestral arrangements: Frans Mijts
Special thanks to Neil Reshen/ Jason/ Ronnie Seubert/ Check Point/ N.E. 42/ E. Garretsen
 Singles from this album:
 - Just a little bit of peace in my heart/ Remember my friend