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Polydor 2925 017 - LP (1973)
Polydor 847 931-2 - CD (1991)
Red Bullet RB 66.206 - CD (2002)
side a:
Candy's going bad (G. Kooymans/ B.Hay)
Are you receiving me (G. Kooymans/ B.Hay/ J. Fenton)
Suzy Lunacy (mental rock) (G. Kooymans/ B.Hay/ J. Fenton)
side b:
Radar love (G. Kooymans/ B.Hay)
Just like Vince Taylor (G. Kooymans/ B.Hay)
The Vanilla Queen (G. Kooymans/ B.Hay)
Produced by Golden Earring for Red Bullet Productions
Executive producer: Fred Haayen
Recorded at:
- Soundpush Studios - Blaricum (NL) - demo recordings
- Phonogram Studios - Hilversum (NL) - basic track recordings
- IBC Studios - London (UK) - Overdubs & Mixes
Recording engineer: Pieter Nieboer
Mixing engineer: Damon Lyon Shaw (IBC)
Strings and horns arranged by Job Maarse
Patricia Paay - background vocals; Eelco Gelling - slide guitar; Bertus Borgers - saxophone.
Cover photo's: Ronnie Hertz
Live photo's: Claude van Heye (courtesy Muziek Parade)
Special thanks to Jack Demo and Susan
Singles from this album:
- Radar Love/ The song is over