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Polydor 2310 491 - LP (1976)
Polydor 847 933-2 - CD (1991)
Red Bullet 66.209 - CD (2002)
side a:
Bombay (G.Kooymans/ B.Hay)
Sueleen (G.Kooymans/ B.Hay)
Con Man (G.Kooymans/ B.Hay)
side b:
Mad love's comin' (G.Kooymans/ B.Hay)
Fightin' windmills (G.Kooymans/ B.Hay)
Faded jeans (G.Kooymans/ B.Hay)
Time's up (G.Kooymans/ B.Hay)
- Robert-Jan Stips / piano on Faded Jeans / mini moog on Con Man
- Patricia Paay / vocals
- Neppie Noya / conga's
- strings on Fightin' Wind Mills arranged by Robert-Jan Stips
production: John Kriek & Golden Earring
engineer: Robin Freeman
recorded at Relight studios - Hilvarenbeek (NL) & Arti Sound studios - Amsterdam (NL)
final production & mixing: Damon Lyon-Shaw
mixing engineers: Steve Lillywhite & John Kriek
tape operator: Steve James
mixed at Chappell Studios London
cutting: IBC Melvyn Abrahams
cover photography: Ronnie Hertz
coordination & props: Jan Vermaes
art direction: Koos van Oostrom & lay out / (who also designed & painted the contraband-stand)
- Dick v.d. Velde, Eli van Thijn, Freddy Haayen, Willem van Kooten, John Fenton, Norbert Westrienen, Djouni Kolff, Dorien v.d. Valk, bode Scholte, Henk Vroomans, whipmaster Maarten (,,baas-bach") Baggerman, & beautiful miss Karin van Dijk for making faces.
Contraband-stand construction-set designed by Koos van Oostrom (1976)
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